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Welcome to John Carr Liverpool Limited
John Carr (Liverpool) Limited is a family business presently run by some of John Carr's grandsons and great sons. Since the founder John Carr started in business around 1896 the family have developed the business with a range of products and services for the construction industry.

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General Information Mortar is often considered the material that either keeps the bricks apart or bonds them together. As the two photographs show mortar will alter the over all effect of a wall. The photographs show walls built using the same brick throughout. By altering the colour, shade and pointing of the mortar a startling effect on the overall appearance of the brickwork is achieved.

The cost of using a coloured mortar is minimal when compared to the overall cost of an average house, and can sometimes save money. Selecting a more economical brick and enhancing the overall appearance with the selection of a coloured mortar can reduce the cost and improve the overall look of a building.

Successful masonry is dependent on the selection of the correct materials for each application.Before selecting a brick and mortar, consideration must be given to the following criteria.

A. What are the strength requirements of the structure?
B. What degree of exposure is there at the site?
C. Which bricks will meet the requirements of A and B?
D. Which designation of mortar will be compatible with A Band C?
E. Which joint profile is most suitable?
F. Are there any design details that may effect the durability of the unit?
G. Build and view a test panel to confirm your selection
H. Allow sufficient time before the start of the project, for the panel to dry.

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Lime Sand Mortars
Traditional Lime Sand mortars still have an important roll to play in the construction industry. The use of well-graded sands blended with slaked hydrated lime putty, and where necessary admixtures produce a range of workable durable mortars, that with the factory addition of coloured pigments is pleasing to the eye.

Our standard range of coloured mortars give a wide selection of shades add to this the flexibility of a small family business, we can blend an almost limitless range of shades to suit nearly all requirements. Lime based mortars are strong yet sufficiently flexible to absorb structural movements in buildings. Since the lime in the mortar remains chemically active any resulting cracks may be "healed" when the lime reacts with rainwater, so improving weather resistance and reducing maintenance cost.

Lime based mortars have proved their excellent durability over the centuries. Lime in mortar allows good workable mixes with out recourse to sands with high fines content or the need for high air entrainment. In this way, mortars with excellent durability and colour stability can be produced.

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Ready to Use Mortars
The factory-controlled addition of cement to retarded Ready to Use Mortars produces high performance durable mortars, available as Cement Lime Sand Mortars, as well as Sand Cement Mortars. The use of a selection of quality admixtures, give a workable mortar for up to 72 hours.
The careful selection of a Coloured Ready to Use Mortar enhances a well designed building, with no shade or colour differences.
Where there is more than one type or colour of masonry in a single structure, trowel ready mortars assist the speed of construction, by eliminating the need to change or clean out mixers, or the need of................................................................

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Dry Pack Mortars
John Carr Dry Pack Mortars are available in a range of mixes, strengths and colours that only require the addition of water to give a workable durable mortar.
Dry pack mortars give the full benefits of a factory made mortar, with the convenience of being able to be used anytime and nearly anywhere. They only require mixing with water to give a workable durable mortar with all the advantages of factory controlled gauging.
Dry pack mortars are available in pack sizes from 25kg min bag to 1 tonne IBC.

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Hydraulic Lime Mortars
For traditional Hydraulic Lime Mortars we offer a range of blends that cover a wide variety of applications, requiring only the addition of water.
Whether matching or repairing a traditional hydraulic lime mortar, we have a wide selection of sands and colours, that when blended with the selected grade of hydraulic lime, achieve not only the desired strength, but a range of finishes that would suit most projects.
A full range of dry pack hydraulic lime sand mortars are available, giving the complete range of HLM designations, from HLM 0.5 to HLM 5.0. The addition of admixtures and traditional pozzolanic materials (brickdust etc) can be added to enhance the working properties of the mortar.

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Pointing Mortars
John Carr (Liverpool) Ltd. produce a range of pointing mortars that can be either trowel applied or used with a mortar pointing gun. They are available in a range of colours and mix designs to give a suitable finish to all pointing jobs.

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Tyrolean Finish

Carbra-mix is a cement based mix, which when applied through a hand held tyrolean gun, gives a textured finish to smooth renders, bricks, block and concrete. Carbra-Mix is suitable for internal and external use. The Carbra-Mix Colour chart gives useful information on background renders and application information of the product.

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Floor Screeds

The primary use of sand cement floor screeds is to level a base, generally concrete, but also insulation board and under floor heating mats. Unless modified sand cement screeds are not suitable as a wearing surface.

John Carr (Liverpool)Ltd floor screeds are mixed in a forced action mixer, that ensure all the constituent parts are dispersed evenly throughout the batch, minimising the risk of agglomerates or balls of cement which frequently occurs when using free fall mixers. The sands used in John Carr floor screeds ensure excellent working properties as well as good strength and durability. Cement setting times can be retarded from 6 hours, up to 24 hours to allow the screed to be laid over a specified period of time.

Higher performance and modified screed are available. The addition of 6mm or 10mm aggregate, and admixtures such as polypropylene fibres, S.B.R., Rapid Drying (HES) as well as the more traditional granolithic screed, give a wide selection of properties available with John Carr factory made screeds

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Decorative Aggregates

We have available arrange of decorative aggregates for drives and gardens, as well as a range of spars and dashes for rendering. Decorative aggregates are available in mini bags, big bags and bulk loads tipped.
Spars and dashes are available in mini bags and some are also available in big bags.

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Building Aggregates

John Carr (Liverpool) Ltd. can supply a wide range of building aggregates including:-

  • Building Sands
  • External Rendering Sand
  • Dry Joint Filling Sand
  • 10mm Limestone
  • 10mm Gravel
  • 40mm, 75mm and Crusher Run Stone
  • Plastering Sand
  • Concreting Sand
  • Silver and White Sand
  • 20-5mm Limestone
  • 20mm Gravel
  • Screeding Sand
  • Fill and Blinding Sand
  • 6mm. Limestone
  • Limestone Dust
  • 40mm Gravel
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Contact Us

John Carr (Liverpool) Limited
10 - 12 Grundy Street
L5 9SG

Telephone: 0151 207 0067
Fax:  0151 207 4360

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Online Enquiry

Please fill in our online form to enquire about one of our services or products!

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