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Floor Screeds

The primary use of sand cement floor screeds is to level a base, generally concrete, but also insulation board and under floor heating mats. Unless modified sand cement screeds are not suitable as a wearing surface.

Floor Screeds
Floor Screeds

John Carr (Liverpool)Ltd floor screeds are mixed in a forced action mixer, that ensure all the constituent parts are dispersed evenly throughout the batch, minimising the risk of agglomerates or balls of cement which frequently occurs when using free fall mixers. The sands used in John Carr floor screeds ensure excellent working properties as well as good strength and durability. Cement setting times can be retarded from 6 hours, up to24 hours to allow the screed to be laid over a specified period of time.

Higher performance and modified screed are available. The addition of 6mm or 10mm aggregate, and admixtures such as polypropylene fibres, S.B.R., Rapid Drying (HES) as well as the more traditional granolithic screed, give a wide selection of properties available with John Carr factory made screeds

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