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Lime Sand Mortars

Traditional Lime Sand mortars still have an important roll to play in the construction industry.
The use of well-graded sands blended with slaked hydrated lime putty, and where necessary admixtures produce a range of workable durable mortars, that with the factory addition of coloured pigments is pleasing to the eye.

Our standard range of coloured mortars give a wide selection of shades add to this the flexibility of a small family business, we can blend an almost limitless range of shades to suit nearly all requirements.

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General Information

Available in a wide range of colours.

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Weather Resistance
Weather Resistance
Lime based mortars are strong yet sufficiently flexible to absorb structural movements in buildings. Since the lime in the mortar remains chemically active any resulting cracks may be “healed” when the lime reacts with rainwater, so improving weather resistance and reducing maintenance cost.
Lime based mortars have proved their excellent durability over the centuries. Lime in mortar allows good workable mixes with out recourse to sands with high fines content or the need for high air entrainment. In this way, mortars with excellent durability and colour stability can be produced.

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