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Ready to Use The factory-controlled addition of cement to retarded Ready to Use Mortars produces high performance durable mortars, available as Cement Lime Sand Mortars, as well as Sand Cement Mortars. The use of a selection of quality admixtures, give a workable mortar for up to 72 hours

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Available in a wide range of colours.

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Coloured Ready to Use
Coloured Ready to Use

As this picture illustrates the careful selection of a Coloured Ready to Use Mortar enhances a well designed building, with no shade or colour differences.

Where there is more than one type or colour of masonry in a single structure , trowel ready mortars assist the speed of construction, by eliminating the need to change or clean out mixers, or the need of two mixers.

Trowel Ready Mortars
Trowel Ready Mortars

All John Carr (Liverpool) Ltd Ready To Use Mortarís are delivered in 0.25 m≥ tubs including a combination of coloured and natural mortars, as well as different mix designs. These can be delivered at the same time without incurring part load charges. Our Crane off-loading vehicles can place the mortar tubs closer to the brick-layers working areas, over fences, walls and trenches, without the need of plant & machinery on site.

Other benefits of Ready To Use Mortar, include no requirements for mains water & electricity supply on site. Quality control batching gives consistent colour & strength, eliminates waste, no expensive equipment required , & reduces labour costs and increases productivity.

Other benefits of Ready To Use Mortar, Quality controlled batching, consistent colour & strength, eliminates waste. Increased productivity & increased profitability.

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